Edge of the universe

The edge of the universe is a fascinating sight that catches everyone. The universe seems, like a waterfall, to drop into an abyss made out of nothing disappear again, briefly foaming up.

At the edge of the universe fall is an asteroid belt wherein meteor kraken dwell that attack all ships that fly into the belt.


Meteor kraken

The three meteor kraken will attack everything that comes near their meteorites. Meteor kraken have the size of small transport ships. They are able to bend massive steel with their gigantic tentacles, and their horny beaks can crack the armour of a space ship, their favourite food, without any problems. They are dangerous indeed, but not particular intelligent so they can be easily distracted or deceived.

Fight profile7
Damage modificator3
Damage points20

The treasure asteroid

In the middle of the asteroid belt there is an extremely conspicuous asteroid with a radius of about one kilometre. It is brightly lit and resembles a Caribbean island in space. It has got a picturesque sandy beach that is surrounded by a wild jungle. In the middle of the jungle, a small hill piles up whose peak is covered in snow. The map leads the characters into the middle of the jungle, directly to a natives' village.

The Natives

Certainly, there also live natives on this treasure asteroid. These are wrecked Kahadrians who built a grotesque village out of the remains of their spaceship. Unfortunately, the Kahadrians still think there is a war between them and the other alien nations and so they launch a full-blooded attack on the pirates. Some persuasion should bring the natives back to their senses.

2 Ship defence laser
WeaponryLaser spear: WB 1

The Treasue

Of course, the treasure is in a big chest that is hidden in a small cave and locked. A Tech or a Soldier wouldn't have any problems to open the chest.

The treasure consists of: