The first pirate group

First Key: Alexa Reed

The first pirate group has got the first key, which is peep show dancer Alexa Reed. She was abducted from FreePort by the first pirate group. Her fingerprint is the map's first key. Alexa Reed is missed on FreePort for certain, and the PeepShwo in the Scumm Bar is only half as good without her four breasts. Alexa Reed is a Samnesian with artificial joints, hair and two additional breasts. She wears sexy amazon-like clothes and she is always after a little flirt.


FreePort is a free space port at the edge of the improbability zone where often not only pirates but also rebels stay. The Scumm Bar on FreePort is well-known across the universe for its grog and, needless to say, for its peep shows.

The pirate group

The pirate group is led by Zamtor, a Kahadrian. A few days ago, they abducted Alexa Reed from FreePort. After that, they learned from the stony broke pirate captain Liu Ren that he lost the map to the player's pirate group. Zamtor is a small, sturdy Kahadrian who is always in a bad mood and constantly spitting chewing tobacco to the ground. He commands an old cargo vessel that has been equipped with two dual laser cannons. On board, there is a crew of four additional Kahadrians.

 ZamtorPilotTech4 mercenaries
Old cargo-vessel
Auxiliary energy10
Damage points25
Weaponry2 dual laser canons: WB 2, DM 2

The pirate group's actions

  1. They hire some thugs (3 mercenaries with MERCENARY 4) on Two Eyed Jack to acquire the map.
  2. They try to bribe a member of the characters group (5000 C) so that he or she will embezzle the map and the key.
  3. They will attack the characters with their space ship.