The characters acquire a digital treasure map. They first have to wangle two keys to decipher the map. And of course two other pirate gangs are also after the treasure.


Getting started

As always, the pirates hang around on Two Eyed Jack. In a gamble they just now won a map that is assumed to lead to a hidden treasure. The pirates have hardly become the owners of the map when the tech realizes relatively fast that two keys are necessary for decoding the digital treasure map.

Two Eyed Jack

Two Eyed Jack is a pirate space station in the Braben Belt. The Belt lies on the edge of the free-trade zone. The space station is build upon an asteroid and got its name from the famous tavern Two Eyed Jack that is led by the one-eyed pirate veteran Jack.

Liu Ren

Liu Ren is a stony broke Chinese pirate captain. He wears an old dirty overall and has oily ragged hair, but apart from that, he is an agreeable and funny chap. Liu has lost his spaceship and his crew to a meteor kraken, he was the only one who could save himself with a rescue capsule. Since that day, he gets drunk on Two Eyed Jack and gambles away his money preferably in Black Jack's Glory Hole.

Liu Ren informations about the map

Rumors about the treasure

The map

The map's measurements are 30 × 20 cm. It consists of brushed aluminium and it has got a large touchscreen on which the word “Locked” is written in big types. Beside the touchscreen is a fingerprint sensor. On the right upper side of the map is an aperture for an old-fashioned key with a bit.

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