A Journey to the edge of the universe

Once the characters have both keys, they are able to encode the map. At the edge of the universe, there is an asteroid resembling a typical treasure island and of course, the treasure lies on this asteroid. Also noted on the map are the treasures' exact coordinates. When entering the course, endless travel time will result. At that very moment, Xia Xiu forces herself on the characters as she wants to help them if she gets a share of the treasure.


Because it is highly unlikely reaching the edge of the universe, it is quite likely to reach it within the improbability zone. Within this zone, you can see everything that is unlikely, from flower pots up to speaking whales. The space blazes in all possible colours, gases flow in vortices and it is difficult to manoeuvre the spaceship.

Only in the improbability zone it is possible programming a course that leads directly to the edge of the universe. If the course is set and the FTL fired, the spaceship will find itself immediately only one lightyear distant from the asteroid belt.

Improbability Zone

There, all probabilities are overridden, reversed, at the same time probable and improbable. Probability theory and even quantum physics fail.