What's Space Pirates about?

Space Pirates is a free, crazy and cartoonish Space Opera role-playing game. The characters are pirates who hang out in the free-trade area. There, they experience the most hair-raising adventures on their quest for glory and wealth. They often have to stand up against other gangs of pirates, and sometimes they are hired to perform illegal missions: to seize or capture space ships, abduct people, espionage or contraband. The only guarantee for these undertakings lies in the pirate codex – especially in never turning ones back to the business partner.

The Universe

The Space Pirates universe is full of remarkable space phenomena: Purple potholes, plasma rainbows, a spacetime shift or the improbability zone.

For pirates, the free-trade area is more important, where humans, Kahadrians, Trull and Vagones deal with each other. The sectors of the federation (humans), Vagones (bureaucratic Martians), the Star Republic of New Asia (human communists), Trull (bug-like traders), Samneses (humanoid cyborgs) and Kahadrians (belligerent dwarves) are located around the free-trade area, behind the large neutral zone, wherein the Stripeans (cute little furry creatures) live, lies the sector of the utterly bad Glukorians. In between, the Space Amazons and Space Pears (pear-shaped, hovering aliens) wreak havoc. As if this wasn't enough, there are also crooked military men and politicians, idealistic rebels and a crazy sects.

Technology and physics in Space Pirates are fantastic. Energy is abundant since the discovery of Neutritium. Spaceships travel faster than light and shoot with lasers and negatrons at the same time. And thanks to the anti-vacuum force fields there are also space convertibles!