Character values

Every character is defined by four profiles, namely pilot, trader, tech and mercenary. The profile value determines the number of dice rolled in a conflict. Every profile is provided with a toughness of four points. If a check fails, the toughness of a profile always drops by the difference of the successes. As soon as the toughness of a profile is null, you can't act with this profile any longer.

Game material

  • A game master and at least three players
  • A ready-made pirate character for every player (contained in this booklet)
  • Ten ten-sided dice (D10)


All trading skills and a lot of social skills come under trader. Traders have an insight to human nature, distinct social abilities and they are very good at scheming. Besides, they often know the best pubs and have a good nose for worthwhile rumours.


All pilot skills like Space Flying, Space Fight, and Ship evaluation come under Pilot. Pilots navigate and steer space ships; additionally, they are ubercool and very popular with women.


All combat skills as well as a lot of physical skills come under Mercenary. For them, even alcohol holds for a weapon, which is why they are good in out-drinking their opponents. Last but not least, also domains like explosives, burglary and thievery are the mercenary’s department.


Tech includes all technical and scientific skills. Techs are medics, scientists and engineers. As TECH, characters can rig up technical stuff and of course pick high-tech lockets.

Pirate dice

With pirate dice, tests can be affected (see the conflict system) and facts can be bought. Minor facts in a scene are for free, but facts significantly affecting the scene will cost a pirate die. The game master has the right to veto.