Space battle

In space battles, the group is subdivided. There is only one pilot, any gunmen and any techs.

For space battles, the conflict system is used. Every space ship involved counts as one party and may shoot and move if they are next in line. The opponent space ship may dodge. The pilot and the board gunner lose no toughness during the space battle. In the pilot’s case the ship always suffers damage. Misled armament shots just fizzle out, this is why such test cannot escalate.


  • Gunner: Mercenary + weapon bonus
  • Pilot – dodge: Pilot + agility


The adverse spaceship can be boarded if the ships are located next to each other. No more shields mustn't be active. Each assailant must pass a difficult check (three successes) on MERCENARY to get to the other spaceship.


Shields absorb damage. If a spaceship is hit, points will first be subtracted from the shield and only then from damage points. After a fight, shields automatically regenerate two points per hour.

Auxiliary power

Auxiliary power can be deflected. To do so, one crew member must roll a check on TECH. For every success of the check, one unit of auxiliary energy can be deflected into the pace, the agility or the shields in this turn. The deflected auxiliary energy is spent and regenerates by two points per hour.

Repairing spaceships

Damage points incurredHits needed
1 – 42
5 – 93
10 – 155
16 – 197
20 – 249
25 +10

Repairing requires a check on TECH. The check's difficulty can be read off the accompanying table.

If the maintenance check is successful, all damage points will be deleted, if not, the tech was only able to repair half of the damage points.

Quirk tests

Quirks only occur every now and then, that is what makes them so insidious. Every time a quirk test becomes due, you roll on the spaceship's quirk list with a d10. If there is a quirk on this position on the list, its effect occurs immediately, otherwise, nothing will happen. A quirk test becomes due on the start / stop of a flight, the start of a space battle or on a landing manoeuvre on planet.

Stardust's pirate group mugs an old cargo vessel. First, the initiative is rolled. Stardust, the pilot, rolls (2 6 7 8 8) = 4 successes. The cargo vessel's pilot rolls (3 6 9) = two successes. Stardust manoeuvres his spaceship into a convenient shooting position, and the board gunner fires.

Shayla targets the cargo vessel and adds the weapon bonus of plasma cannon 3 to her MERCENARY value, thus she rolls eight dice overall (1 3 5 7 8 8 9 10) = five successes. The enemy spaceship is allowed to dodge. The pilot adds agility to his pilot profile, he rolls ( 1 2 3 7 5 5 6) = two successes. Therefore, the difference is 3 and Shayla inflicts six damage points, four are absorbed by the shield which is consequently switched off. The remaining two damage points go through to the ship.

Now it is the cargo vessel's turn. The pilot moves the spaceship away from the pirates as far as possible, and the board gunner fires with his torpedo ( 2 3 4 4 7 7 9) = 3 successes. Needless to say, Stardust wants to dodge, he rolls (2 4 6 7 7 8 8 9 10) = 7 successes and easily evades the shot.